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In the south of the Istrian peninsula, cca 6 km from Pula, in Banjole, is situated camp Peškera. Our tradition and experience as the seaside accommodation... Learn more


The history of Istria and Pula


Istria was inhabited in the 11th century BC by the prehistoric tribe Histri, after whom Istria is named. The city of Pula is more than 3000 years old, and it was bulti on the hill Kaštel where the first hillfort settlement was bulit, the Histra fortress. At the time of the Roman empire, the official name of the city was Colonia Piteas Julia Pola. In the historical and maritime museum of Istria (www.ppmi.hr) and the archealogical museum of Istra (www.ami-pula.hr) you will discover all the rich history of Istria and Pula.